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12 Steps for Developing Self Confidence

Developing Self Confidence

Self Confidence means the ability to trust oneself and being able to feel good about oneself.

We at Skillsetter have often notice that students come and highlight that they often feel low and don’t feel good about themselves. Having low self confidence can result in below average performance at work which can affect career progression and growth.

Luckily self-confidence can be developed at any point of time. We have often noticed some situations, incidents and accidents can make one’s self confidence drop or lose their self-esteem.

In today’s world self-confidence is extremely essential as the competition is fierce and there is lot of negativity which can demotivate someone easily. Hence one has to ensure to be emotionally and physically be focused.

Here are few guidelines for develop self-confidence.

  • Understand yourself – It is extremely important to understand and recognise your emotions as they help us develop our self-confidence. If you are feeling low or demotivated, you don’t feel you are worth a particular thing so in such a case it is important to find out the root cause of this feeling. Once you know the cause it is also essential to work on the solution and solve the issue.
  • Positive Thinking – Self confidence is developed once you think positive about yourself. When we think good our brain releases serotonin which gives us a feeling of wellbeing. Positive thinking also helps us improve our body language and keeps us motivated.
  • Believe in yourself – It is extremely important to believe in yourself. If you yourself don’t believe that you can achieve something then achieving your goals become difficult. If one believes in oneself then our self confidence internally gets a boost which in return motivates the person to achieve their goals and perform better.
  • Improve – Learning and improving is a process which goes on throughout one’s life. It is important for us to understand our draw backs and which areas need improvement. A successful person is someone who learns something new everyday and continues improving and updating their knowledge and skills throughout their life.
  • Focus – Focusing on the agenda and goal is extremely important for developing one’s self-confidence. With the goal insight one gets positivity and feel good factor which in turn makes the person more confident.
  • Grooming – Being well groomed, looking and feel good about oneself makes us boost our confidence. Hence it is important to focus on picking up the right style of clothes and makeup etc.so that the feel good factor makes us more confident and helps us perform more better.
  • Taking one step at a time – It is more important for us to remember taking one step at a time will help us achieve great heights. When we take one step at a time, we also notice small success which helps us gain confidence and make us more motivated.
  • Channelizing Energies – It is important to focus your energies on positive things. There is lot of negativity in the world. More than investing precious time in arguing, talking behind backs etc it is important to let go of those things and focus on positive thing which helps us stay positive and not demotivate us. Remember always motivate by doing positive activities and self-learning.
  • Educate yourself – Self confidence is equal to the knowledge one has. If someone has knowledge on a certain topic, they in turn are more confidence about that subject and can discuss it with anyone more confidently. Hence one must keep gaining knowledge.
  • Smile – one of the key way to increase self-confidence to SMILE. When you smile, we feel positive and are able to reduce our uncertainties. Smiling will boost our confidence and helps us perform better.
  • Learn to Love your-self – Unfortunately we live in a society which is focused on pleasing others and often think what will others think and say. Remember everyone is blessed with only life and we need to live it to the fullest. What is important is to accept ourselves and learn to love ourselves. Once we accept our self, we will be able to perform better and not be intimidated by others.
  • Healthy Lifestyle we need to ensure we focus on having a healthy lifestyle by following a healthy diet and work out schedule. As working on oneself will help boost positivity and feel good factor hence it is essential to boost our moral.

If one follows all the above-mentioned tips, they will slowly become more confident and perform well in all fields of life.

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