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8 qualities a successful cabin crew member should poses.

Cabin crew

Cabin Crew, Airhostess, Flight Purser, Flight Attendant etc. they all mean the same. Cabin crew’s job looks very glamorous however it requires a lot of effort and hard work.  Cabin Crew are considered as Super Heroes of the Skies as they are multi-talented however what does it take to be a successful cabin crew.

Here are some of the points that a successful cabin crew needs to have.

  • Grooming – ‘First impression is the last impression and a lasting impression hence it is very important for cabin crew to be well grooming all the time they are on duty. Grooming is essential for male as well as female cabin crew. A good haircut always makes an individual looking smart and more confident. Female cabin crew are expected to apply make up moderately however it should look appropriate. Along with good grooming cabin crew should also maintain good hygiene habits as cabin crew work in close proximity.
  • PatienceBeing calm and composed is one quality a cabin crew should have. Everyday cabin crew meet new people from different nationalities, the challenges and situation the crew faces every different day. It is a must they have patience and handle every situation with confidence. Being polite and courteous will help the cabin crew handle situations in better manner. For this you should look for a good cabin crew training institute.
  • Time managementIt is often said “Time wait for no one” and that’s exactly what happens in aviation. Cabin crew needs to have good planning and time management skill so that all work is coming in the stipulated time. Flight time can vary from destination to destination however it is necessary crew manage their time smoothly and provide excellent service in that time to ensue customers are happy and have an enjoyable experience. Aviation courses near you can help you guide to the right path
  • Approachable personality Cabin crew need to have an extrovert and outgoing personality. Being approachable means passenger who see the crew for the first time need to feel comfortable and should be able to discuss any issues they have. Crew has to smile and interact with new passenger’s everyday hence they need to be extrovert. In case of a medical emergency or safety issues passengers should be able to inform the crew comfortably. In case the crew is not approachable then airline has to handle a lot of post flight customer complains.
  • HealthBeing a crew requires working at odd hours, not having a regular schedule. This in long run can crew a lot of problem if the crew doesn’t take care of themselves. Cabin Crew also have to do regular medicals to ensure they are fit to perform their duties. Cabin crew have exposure to delicious food however they should indulge in fatty food moderately. Air hostess training institutes should also focus on work out or some physical activity so that they fit into their BMI range. Body Mass Index for male cabin crew is from 18-25 and female cabin crew is 18-22. Hence crew should focus on their fitness levels.
  • Emotional QuotientBeing emotionally aware of one’s feeling is extremely important. Like we focus on IQ now a days the trend focusing on EQ – emotional quotient. Especially as managers one needs to focus on how the team member is emotionally and guiding them to perform in their right way. Managing emotions play a very important role as a team member. The right air hostess courses will help with all of these things.
  • Positive AttitudeIn this world we have negativity everywhere. Specially we face a lot of demotivation when we are achieving our goals. It is extremely necessary for cabin crew to have positive attitude. As the correct attitude will show the correct body language. A crew with positive attitude will ensure costumers get the best services.
  • Work-life balance – Life of a crew is challenging as work timings are not fixed. Crew are expected to work round the clock, on national holidays and festivals too. A crew should be able to manage their work and personal life with the right balance. A cabin crew end up missing important events in their family. They should be ready for the same as there is a price to pay for everything good in life.

These are some points if inculcated will make a good and successful cabin crew. The above-mentioned qualities will ensure a successful career which will be well rewarding and will add value to one’s professional career.

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