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Communication Verbal & Non Verbal

Communication means being able to express one’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly by putting them in words in a positive manner.  Communication is a skill which we develop at a very early stage in life.  However, as we grow and mature our way of communication changes as per our roles and responsibilities. Communication during our academic days is different compared to the communication at our workplace. During our academic years we communicate with our friends causally, the words we use are colloquial and we use slang language. This type of communication can’t be used in a workplace.

The communication required in a work environment is polished, polite, and courteous, and the selection of correct words is very important.

Every organization wants employees who can communicate professionally, politely, confidently etc. Organizations need to train their employees in professional communication.

In an organization, communication plays an integral part. Whether communication is within the organization or outside the organization it is necessary to get it done in the right way. Internal and external communication should be crystal clear. An organization will function seamlessly when employees can communicate clearly within the organization as well as to vendors, clients etc.

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When an employee communicates properly internally as well as externally that employee ensures he brings business and goodwill to the company. Nowadays organizations prefer employees who are self-sufficient and able to handle duties and responsibilities individually. Having a strong hold on communication will help the organization to bring in more business and grow exponentially.

When an employee in a customer-facing role can efficiently communicate by giving correct, adequate, detailed information and solving customer queries such an employee will ensure customer satisfaction and lead to better airport management. Such employees will handle customers self sufficiently and will not need much help or involvement from the senior. This corporate or professional communication needs to be done using suitable words with the correct tone and pitch. When an employee speaks to the customer, they need to sense the customer’s needs and pitch accordingly. In today’s social media age, we have seen that an unhappy customer showcases his grievances on social media platforms immediately.

Communication is not just about using words. We continuously communicate with others through our body language as well. Most people do not realize that they unknowingly portray negative body language which ends up giving mixed signals to the customer. Since communication is a blend of both verbal and non-verbal it is important to ensure both these are maintained in expected parameters which are included in all air hostess courses in Mumbai.

Verbal and non-verbal communication needs to depict positivity.

We ensure we guide and train your employees in effective communication throughout their air hostess course duration.

This module will be an interactive session. We will enforce positive communication techniques that act as self-confidence builders.

Let it be an in-person meeting or a telephonic conversation we will train your employees in both. We will also give them guidelines and dos and don’ts for effective communication.

Post this module your employees will be able to communicate with customers more confidently. They will be able to handle queries seamlessly and their approach will be more positive concerning words and body language.

This module is suitable for junior to senior-level employees. It is very important to enforce healthy and positive communication throughout the organization across all levels and all airline courses.

Our communication expert trainers come with international experience. Improving communication is an ongoing process and these sessions need to be conducted at periodic intervals.