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Confidence Builder

Self Confidence Builder is a very important factor in one’s life. Building Self Confidence can be developed in many different ways. Confidence development needs to be done internally as well as externally. We focus on developing confidence internally by infusing positive thinking and ensuring candidates have a positive approach toward life. It is very important for candidates to feel good about themselves as it will help them perform better during the interview process. We share a lot of positive thinking exercises with our candidates.

They all say confidence comes from within however it is always an added advantage when one feels good and looks good. Hence, we also focus on working on the external features as well. Make-up, hairstyles and dressing appropriately are some of the factors we focus on.

This module focuses extensively on the internal and external development of our candidates. Everyone admires a person with good confidence. Confidence is to be noticed not just in one’s talks but also in one’s body language, smile, and attitude.

Here we particularly focus on the candidate’s communication and personality development. A team of experts continuously works toward the candidate’s growth and improvement.

This course focuses on understanding a candidate’s weaknesses and working to improve them.

Personality Development

Who doesn’t like a person with a good personality? Having a strong personality with a positive attitude will ensure success in the customer service industry. We encourage students to develop and mould their personalities so that they become industry ready. We have an excellent team which focuses on the continuous personality development of our students.

We use various methods and techniques to evolve one’s personalities. The way you stand, the way you talk and the way you represent yourself is everything that we train you on. Generating the “WOW’ factor is the main aim of this course. We do this with the enforcement of positive body language and positive thinking.

We also have a term of Psychologists, Motivational Speakers and Fitness experts who help you embark on this journey. These guest speakers are industry specialists who come with vast experience. Students are given tasks and activities by these specialists who help them understand the importance of various factors. Our team of experts also conduct questions and answers sessions which will help solve a lot of confusion our candidates have.


“First Impression is a lasting impression” hence having the right kind of grooming is very important. We focus on make-up and hair in detail in these sessions.

A well-groomed person always gets respect where ever they go. Grooming sessions are comprised of make-up application and hairstyle sessions. From teaching basic corporate make-up to more glamourous cabin crew make-up we cover it all.

We have industry expert make-up specialists who are associated with us and come for guest lecturers to train our candidates. Let it be classy, trendy, basic and formal make-up we cover all these make-up styles and make you ready to face the industry. We follow immaculate grooming standards and ensure candidates' grooming is checked daily.

Most multinational companies today focus on high grooming standards. Grooming plays a very important role in the customer service industry. Working round the clock with impeccable grooming is expected by the employer. Since we are the face of our company and frontline employees, we need to ensure we produce a good first impression on our customers. One can achieve that by following good grooming standards i.e appropriate make-up and hairstyle.
We believe that age is just a number and we should continuously improve ourselves. This module Confidence Builder can be pursued by anyone and everyone who want to improve themselves.


We focus on communication as it is an integral part of one’s career. Communication has become an important part of every industry. A strong communicator paves his way to leadership faster than others. The Customer Service Industry requires aspirants with good interpersonal skills. Having good communication will help you to achieve professional and personal growth. Communication can be divided into multiple avenues and we focus on improving all the avenues through various channels and interactive training techniques. In our communication course, we focus on verbal and non-verbal communication. Both these communication methods are very important in developing and improving yourself