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Conquer the Skies

Aviation is all about customer service and providing customer comfort. Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew, Purser, Air Hostess/Host etc. all come under this module. This extensive module focuses on making the student ready to work high in the sky. This is our Cabin Crew Training module. For those who were searching for an aviation courses near me, this one is perfect for you! Our extensive 6-8 month course will help you develop your skills so that you can fit into the aviation industry. We give in-depth knowledge on cabin crew duties, responsibilities and necessary qualities. The training team at our cabin crew training institute includes trainers who were ex-cabin crew and come with international and domestic experience.

A Cabin Crew’s life is very luxurious and challenging at the same time.

As a cabin crew, you will get an opportunity to stay in the best places and travel through the world. You will get an opportunity to meet new people and discover new cultures. However, if you want to work as a cabin crew you need to develop yourself in a certain way. You need to focus on having a healthy lifestyle as height, weight and BMI check is conducted as the first step in any cabin crew interview. They also expect candidates to have a clear complexion and pimple-free face. They need candidates who are confident in communicating and willing to provide excellent customer service. Some of the qualities you can develop for this role are an approachable personality, positive attitude, time management, patience etc.

Airlines also do not prefer candidates who have tattoos. Some airlines don’t want tattoos visible in uniform while some other airlines do not want tattoos at all. Candidates who have tattoos may opt for laser tattoo removal treatment however scars post-tattoo removals also need to be treated.  These qualities will help you adapt to this role comfortably.

We train our candidates in the below-mentioned areas


Communication is an integral part of the aviation industry. All airlines evaluate communication during the interview process. Focus on improving communication is very necessary. If a candidate has strong communication,then he/she will develop strong confidence to face the customer. Most airlines like candidates who communicate in multiple languages. We work on our student’s communication in every session so that they become confident to face guests from different industries.

Personality Development

Only having strong communication won’t make you a good cabin crew. A cabin crew is a role model and the face of the airline in the aviation industry. Hence airlines prefer candidates who have a good and positive personality. We extensively focus on personality development as a vital part of the diploma in cabin crew program, which includes topics such as Image Consulting, Body Posture Correction, Positive Attitude etc.


Since Cabin Crew is the face of the airline They are expected to be well groomed at all times of the day. Let the flight be at 3 am or 8 pm you will always notice cabin crew be well groomed with appropriate make-up, uniform and hairdo. This is all about practice. We ensure we follow international grooming standards and guide our students with the right make-up products.

Ground Training

Even if you aim to soar the skies you must understand what your guest goes through at the airport. Hence, we have included ground training in this module. It will give you an insight into all the processes your guest goes through at the airport. From the time guest enters the airport to the time he boards the flight his journey is explained in this module along with a lot of essential aviation terminologies necessary for the diploma in aviation.

Inflight Training

What exactly does a cabin crew do? Does Cabin Crew only serve Tea /Coffee inflight? In this module, we explain the roles and responsibilities of a cabin crew. Safety, First Aid and Service are some of the major responsibilities of a cabin crew. Our training team which comprises international and domestic ex-cabin crew will train our students to the highest standards.

Customer Handling

Handling a customer can be challenging however facing these challenges with a positive attitude is very necessary. Hence, we extensively work on various customer handling techniques which will help our candidates be confident even in these challenging times.

Innovative, Interactive and Interesting are 3 ideologies on which this module is based, now the question is…

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