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Developing a successful career in the aviation industry

Aviation Training Institute

Pandemic was a testing time for all industries however aviation industry has suffered extensively with borders of countries being sealed and tourism taking a dip. In the past 1 year we have slowly seen aviation industry pick up pace.

Aviation industry as of now has picked up extensively. If one studies the market with Air India being privatised and placing an order for approximately 470 aircrafts, with Indigo in talks with manufacturers for ordering 500 aircrafts the scope of growth in Indian aviation industry is huge. This is the right time to be a part of this growing industry as it is going to generate a lot of job opportunities in the near future.

Everyone wants to be successful however the question is how do we make a successful career in aviation? Most of the times when we meet parents and students they are lost as they don’t have anyone from the aviation industry who can guide them. Sometimes people visit institute which share wrong information and misguide them due to which the aspirant feels cheated and lose their interest in aviation due to which their dreams get shattered.

To develop a strong successful career in aviation we need to ensure we get the right guidance. There are a lot of people/ institutes willing to guide and share information, provide training however it is important to know who is genuine and who is not. An aspirant should look out for mentors and not trainers. A aviation training institute, cabin crew training institute, or academy will have fancy interiors eg. a mock up aircraft or multiple branches however the question is do they provide correct information and generate quality or are they focusing on generating quantity. Once the aspirant visits multiple institute he will be able to judge which is a genuine institute and find the right mentors. With this the first step of having the correct guidance to build a career in the right direct is set.

Once the aspirant has the right guidance it will mean they will automatically set out on the right path. Training which the institute will provide will make the aspirant industry ready and help the aspirant focus in the right direction.

To develop a successful career in aviation some of the qualities that the aspirant needs to develop are –

  • Patience- facing customer every day and solving their issues can be challenging hence being calm and patient can help the aspirant survive longer in the industry.
  • Time management- Aviation industry works extensively on ‘On time performance’ hence having a good time management is extremely essential.
  • Approachable- being an introvert in a customer facing role is challenging hence a person should have an extrovert and approachable personality.
  • Positive attitude- There are a lot of colleagues who spread negativity about work profile and organisation which ends up demoralizing the staff. Hence having a positive attitude and passion towards work will make one sustain in the industry.
  • Go Getter Attitude- A ‘Can-Do-Attitude’ is always important to grow in any organisation. Every organisation likes employees who face issues with a maturity and that’s why a go getter attitude is essential.

All good things take time in life exactly the same way the aspirant should be ready to face any challenges that come their way and be ready to work hard. Like they always say ‘there is no easy way to success’. The key to success in any industry is hard work along with smart work. And that is exactly what the aspirant should be ready for. There is no denying that the market is growing. Job opportunities will be created in abundance. Aviation industry will need more ground staff, cabin crews, pilots and more back end staff in short this is the right time to start working towards your career and achieve your dreams.

Indian Aviation industry is booming which means this is the right time to find strong mentors and correct guidance in the industry. We should always remember the competition is fierce and we need to shape ourselves in such a way that our future is bright and ensures a successful career in the aviation industry.

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