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Eight desirable features of a successful cabin crew

cabin crew

A flight attendant, cabin crew, flight purser or air hostess are few of the names given to a cabin crews work profile. A cabin crews’ job is an attractive one as with minimum qualification one can earn well, get an opportunity to travel the world and enjoy other perks related to the aviation industry like discounted tickets, wearing the uniform, working in a secure environment etc.

However, there is always a confusion what qualities or features are required to be a successful cabin crew.

One needs to focus and develop the following features

1- Communication – Aviation industry is a customer facing industry which means crew is expected to interact with multiple nationalities and assist them with their needs. So, it is a major skill which needs to be developed. Communicating professionally is extremely important.

2- Personality Development – developing a pleasing personality is necessary as this industry believes in ‘First Impression Is the Last Impression’ and we need to always ensure we need to leave a lasting impression. So having a pleasing personality which indirectly makes one have an approachable personality and ensure passengers feel comfortable to discuss and inform cabin crew about issues or any grievances.

3- Health is wealth – being healthy and fit is extremely necessary for this role. As soon as a candidate clears interview the next step is clearing medical exam. A crew is expected to clear medical exam and continue to be medically fit till they continue to serve the airline. Due to this clause it is extremely important for crew to maintain their health by eating healthy and following regular workout schedule.

4- Knowledge – One can excel in their work if they have through knowledge in that domain. So, it is extremely important to focus on gain the relevant knowledge- keep learning and updating oneself with the changing trends.

5- Confidence – Believing in oneself makes a huge difference to builds one’s confidence. Confidence is necessary because everyday cabin crew meet a new set of passengers and crew has to face new challenges so to sustain in such an environment it is necessary to be confident.

6- Time Management – Aviation industry is a time bound industry hence most airlines are focusing on time performance. Time management is a quality which is extremely essential for a crew to develop. Crew is expected to be on schedule and follow their schedule thoroughly. We at Skillsetter Institute focus on imbedding this quality into our students.

7- Patience – Meeting new people, serving them, catering to their needs and concerns makes it very necessary for a crew to have patience. Working as a crew there is a lot of pressure to perform excellent service in a short period of time due to which if one is calm and have developed patience they can perform better and achieve success.

8- Under Standing the Industry – Aviation industry is a dynamic and demanding industry. It is an industry which has fierce competition and every airline wants to be the best. So, in such a situation it is necessary for a crew to understand how the industry works and focus on the improving their performance to be different from the rest. Understanding the industry makes the crew adapt easily into the organization and also prepares them well to face new challenges every day.

A job of a cabin crew/ airhostess is in high demand. In a single interview minimum 500 candidates turn up and only 5 get selected with such a low rate of selection it is necessary for a cabin crew to understand the requirement and develop themselves accordingly.

At Skillsetter Institute we ensure we develop the above-mentioned features by giving intense training and learning from the industry expert. In the 6 months training module students learn and develop their personality.
Our team comes with good industry experience which helps our students understand on how the industry functions.

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