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Ground Management

This module is focused on getting our candidates ready to “Meet, Greet and Assist the Guests” at the airport. It will also educate you about airports and how they work. From the time the guests enter the airport till the time they board the aircraft, Ground Staff plays a very important role at the airport. Every airline aims to provide a hassle-free and seamless on-ground transfer to ensure utmost customer comfort.

This module covers Airport Handling and Management, a dynamic course which will introduce you to the different areas in the airport and the roles and responsibilities of this staff.

From meeting customers, ensuring customer comfort and smooth transition to the aircraft is what we teach and guide.

This course has an interactive training module which will ensure building confidence and make you ready to face the industry with a positive attitude.

The aviation industry is all about teamwork. Every department focuses on ensuring 100% customer comfort, time management, on-time performance and having an approachable attitude. Ground staff management is a very crucial aspect because this staff is the first point of contact for our customers. ‘Happy Customer – Happy Us’ is a slogan that most of the customer service industry follows and hence we train our candidates to the highest standards possible.

Passenger Management, Check-in Counter handling, managing arrivals, handling baggage miss management etc are things we focus on during the airline management courses.

Our training will help you get placed at international and domestic airports across India as well as out of India. Upon completion of this course, you can work at international and domestic airports as a PSC, CSE, Reservation Sales Agent, Sales Representative, CSA etc.

This module includes some of the following topics


You are expected to communicate with customers daily. Every day you will be meeting customers from different nationalities, different cultures and different walks of life. So, this role requires you to have a good command ofyour language. English communication is very important. To become part of the airport ground handling staff with a leading airline, the candidate needs to have proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in English. Knowing a local language or a foreign language is an added advantage. Hence, we focus on communication to shape and mould your career.

Personality Development

A strong and good personality is needed for meeting customers everyday. We will ensure you have an impactful and positive personality development. Having an approachable personality is very essential in this role. Customers should feel comfortable discussing their issues with you. A charming personality will be an advantageous asset.


Meeting guests from different parts of the world means we need to give a good strong first impression and hence we need to be well groomed with the right make-up and hairstyles. Uniforms, nails and shoes need to be worn in the right way. Grooming is a part and parcel of the customer service industry. Grooming should be immaculate at all times of the duty. Uniforms should be well-fitting, clean and ironed. Nails should be well trimmed and appropriate nail colour should be used.

Ground Training

We will train the candidates in airport handling, nooks and corners of the airport and make them confident to face customers by giving good technical knowledge. Aviation terminologies are also discussed. For someone who is from a non-aviation background, it is important to know the commonly used words and jargon used in the aviation industry. Every area in the airport has certain rules and regulations laid down by the concerned department. Hence it is important to understand these rules and ensure we follow them to the core. During the training process, candidates are also taught about major airports within India. This exposure will make you confident in airport management to work in any airport.

Customer Handling

Our interactive training sessions will help aspiring candidates to be good performers and excel in their customer handling. We do this with our training team by sharing our vast experience. We work on role plays and practice customer greeting techniques. Customer handling techniques are taught and practiced as well. Handling customers like VIPs, and CIPs, Special handling customers and briefing them to ensure their comfort are also focused on as part of the diploma in air hostess training.

There are many roles at the airport hence there are a lot of job opportunities available to make the most of the air hostess training institute fees that you invest.

If you were on the lookout for aviation courses near me,this course will open your avenues into the aviation industry.