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How do you select the best training institute?

Best airhostess training

When one thinks about getting trained the very first question that comes to one’s mind is where, when and how to start the search. This is a very crucial part as in today’s time there are so many institutes to choose from.

People often begin this process by doing research online (search engines) or checking out social media pages for ratings and reviews which has now become very convenient to narrow down their search.

Selecting the right institute for aviation courses, airline courses etc.… is very important as it lays down the foundation for one’s career.

While selecting an institute it is better to do a thorough research as a lot of time and money is invested by the student’s parents. There are many aviation training institutes available in the market today.

Students and their parents need to focus on how a particular institute is going to add value to the student’s future. Air hostess training institute, Cabin crew training institute and many other Institutes are available in every neighbourhood however the big question is how you select the best institute.

Some of the questions to cross check while the search is on are:-

  • Duration – The duration of the course – it is very important to understand the how much time wills the course last for. It is often observed if the course is prolonged then students lose interest and get diverted.
  • Content -The content provided is very essential as this knowledge is the key for the student’s future. The knowledge which is provided will help the student progress in their career.
  • CostFees–The cost of the course is very important. Sometimes the courses are labelled expensive just because it is for the aviation industry.
  • Training techniques – Aviation training needs to be a blend of practical as well as theoretical

Training hence it is important students get a sense of the classroom before they join. (Demo lecture)

  • Placement – Also consider the last 12 months placement record. It is important as the main reason for someone doing the course is to secure a good placement/ job.

We at Skillsetter Institute the best air hostess training institute in India believe a student who is enquiring for a particular training deserves to get a 360-degree feedback on the institute.

This is ensured here by counselling the student in detail about the course pattern.

We do a detailed screening of the student and find gaps where the student needs help to develop and improve. The eligibility of the student is thoroughly checked, growth and developmental possibilities are discussed with the parents. Here there is a detailed question and answer session to solve all the queries, this Q&A session is conducted by a senior member of our team.

Post which the student and parents get an opportunity to attend the demo lecture. During the demo session students and parents get an opportunity to feel and understand the teaching techniques and the vibes of the class room. We also encourage the student and parents to interact with our students in the class room so that they get a first-hand report about the institute.

This way through information is provided to the aspiring student post this they get an opportunity to think and discuss the same with their families and then take admission.

Parents should ensure they check the quality compared to the quantity of branches / area of the institute. Even if the student has to travel far from home however is getting good quality training then the distance shouldn’t make a difference. When travelling far away distance students end up becoming independent, responsible and learn time management in the course of travel.

Doing a thorough background check of the institute is extremely necessary as there are a lot of frauds taking place now days.

People should be extra careful when considering an institute as there are many who give fake information and build unrealistic castles in air. Guinness of an institute can be sensed when one visits the place and also checks their reviews online or in person.

A student joins an institute in search of a mentor which can be the guiding light of the student’s career and advise the student time and again with career decisions.

Skillsetter Institutes tagline is – “Meeting Career Milestones” and mentorship is definitely a part of Skillsetter’s culture.

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