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How do you successfully clear cabin crew interview?

Cabin crew interview

What is an interview?

An interview is a process in which an organisation evaluates interested candidates and then selects the candidate as per the role’s fitment. An organisation is always interested to know how an employee can add value to the growth of the organisation and on that basis, they select the candidate.

If we talk about the aviation industry cabin crew recruitment process is extremely challenging. Airlines follow different procedures and patterns for interviews like English competency test, group discussions, role plays, intense personal interview and body mass index {BMI} and skin check if one clears this then the next step is medical test which certify if the candidate is medically fit to perform their duties. On an average a cabin crew interview will have minimum of 4 rounds and the total number of rounds can go up to 8 or 9 rounds.

So what is it that an airline is looking for in a cabin crew during the interview process.

An airline wants someone with a pleasing personality, strong communication, presentable, someone who has a calm personality and most importantly is patient.

“Interview” the word itself brings jitters to a young aspirant.

Cabin Crew interviews can be very challenging and interesting at the same time. To clear cabin crew interviews, it is necessary to have the right guidance and find correct mentors.

First impression is the last impression and this means that from the time a candidate enters the interview venue the evaluation process starts.

Preparations for the interview start from the prior day. Candidates should select their outfit, make their file with documents ready and also take multiple printouts of their resume.

On the day of the interview it is best if the candidate has good breakfast as cabin crew interviews generally take long hours to complete. Also reaching the venue half an hour before time is extremely important.

A candidate needs to focus on wearing the right attire which has to be classy and professional. Grooming of the candidate is extremely essential as this role requires an employee to be groomed completely. From head to toe a candidate is evaluated and that is why candidates must ensure they focus extensively on grooming.

  • TIP: – Candidates must ensure they touch -up their make-up once they reach the interview venue as travelling might wear off the make-up.

Every round of the interview will be an elimination round. On an average for a cabin crew interview in metro cities 800-1000 candidates turn up so it is really challenging for the interviewer to select the correct fit for the same.

Body Mass Index {BMI} round is very challenging because now a days with height and weight they also check scars, marks and tattoos on hands, legs, neck and face. Airlines are very particular about this job and most candidates get eliminated in this round. Airlines follow the below mentioned BMI range. A healthy and proportionate diet should help an aspirant achieve this.

  • Girls -18-22 and Boys- 18-25

Every airline follows a different interview pattern some airlines conduct group discussion, some give a topic and candidate has to speak for minimum 2 minutes etc. most airline keep the final round personal round of interview where HR ask questions which are based on candidates resume, education qualification, personal life and work experience if any.

The key to clear a cabin crew interview is strong communication, good grooming standards and most importantly positive mindset and body language.

At Skillsetter we ensure intensive interview preparation right from the day the candidate joins the institute. Multiple mock interviews, group discussions and advise and tips on achieving BMI range are given to ensure candidates perform well in the interview.

We also include image consulting as a part of curriculum which helps the student understand how to dress up for interviews.

Definitely staying positive, not giving up hope and consistency is very important to ensure one achieves their goal to conquer the skies.

At Skillsetter we have a course called “Crack the code” which covers intense interview preparations and makes the candidate industry ready.

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