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How to get ready for the changing needs of the airline industry with cabin crew training course?

cabin crew training

Aviation is a dynamic industry and with the challenging environment we are noticing a huge change in the requirement of the aviation industry.

If we consider the olden days travelling by air was for the classes and not for a masses as the prices of the air tickets were very expensive and travelling was a novelty due to which only a few privilege class had the opportunity to travel by air. There were only few airlines as the competition was controlled. There were only 2-3 airlines major airlines with limited connectivity to destinations.

However, things have changed over the years. In the olden days we had only full-service airlines due to which the ticket prices were expensive. Now with low cost carriers as an option air travel is not very expensive.

What is the difference in full-service and low-cost airline?

A full-service airline provides meals and various inflight services for which they don’t charge anything extra as the ticket cost includes those services. Whereas a low-cost carrier is an airline whose tickets are priced at a lower rate however any additional inflight services like meals or inflight entertainment can be purchased by the passenger.

With the development and growth of the low-cost carriers air travel is now available for the masses as well. Low cost carriers like Inter Globe Aviation Limited and Air India Express have not only made air travel accessible to remote airports but also made air travel affordable.

Post pandemic revenge travel was trending and aviation saw a lot of boost in air travel. Two major airlines in India have ordered 500 aircrafts each which just proves that aviation industry is going to grow even more in the Indian skies.

So, if the industry is picking up how do we ensure we get ready to be a part of this growing industry.

Finding the right institute will ensure you get the right guidance to develop your career.

How do we at Skillsetter Institute make our students ready to fit into this dynamic industry?

At Skillsetter Institute our team comes with extensive industry experience also we ensure our team is upbeat with the changing requirement of the industry.

Hence our team is able to guide and groom as per the changing trends of the industry. Skillsetter provides various courses like Confidence builder and Ground management for aspirants who want to join as a ground staff.

For cabin crew we have Confidence builder and conquer the skies which makes them industry ready. Also, our intense interview preparation course called Crack the code helps our students excel in the interviews.

How do we make our students ready to face these ever-changing needs?

Our training is based on the current requirements of the aviation industry so once a student enrols in Skillsetter Institute we train and guide them on the following parameters.

Intense grooming – we believe in the quote ‘First impression is the last impression’ and we need to maintain a lasting impression so we ensure students adhere to professional grooming standards.

Communication – Communication plays a key role in developing a successful career hence we focus in communication which is customer centric.

Knowledge or technical aspect – We ensure students are continuously flooded with technical knowledge so they gain good confidence and perform well on their job.

Interview preparation – we do intense interview preparation; we ensure students undergo a lot of mock interviews and have adequate knowledge about the airline.

Image consulting – In depth guidance is provided to the student with regards to the outfit they need to wear during the interview process. Their hair do and also make up application is practiced for girls.

This 6 month training builds immense confidence and enhances one personality to face customers with a bright smile.

Since we follow the above mentioned training methods, placement success rate at Skillsetter Institute is very high as we make our students industry ready and provide the industry what they are looking for.

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