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Image Consulting

Image consulting is a trending concept. As the name suggests, this training is an image builder. When we speak about image consulting it is about wearing the right attire at the right place, at the right time and accessorizing it properly. 

Don’t you admire some people who dress well, always look perfect or carry themselves well? Don’t you feel that I want to change my dressing or change my style? This module will exactly change the way you dress and conduct yourself.

If you dress appropriately then you will notice the opposite person pays more attention to you and doesn’t take you lightly.

Image consulting is very essential at the interview level as well. As soon as you enter the interview room the interviewers build a perception about you even before you wish them or introduce yourself. Hence it is very important for you to give a good ‘first impression’. When dressing up for an interview, ensure that you dress slightly different from others.

This module in the diploma in air hostess is suitable for organizations as well. It is very important for employees to wear appropriate attire at work. Formal clothes or attire is a big question mark as not everyone understands what to wear in formals and ends up choosing the wrong outfit.

Every organization lays down certain grooming standards. These standards need to be followed across levels. When an employee meets a client, he represents the organization hence it is important for the employee to wear smart formals which will maintain the image of the organization. If the employee is not groomed properly or doesn’t dress up properly then the client might not get a good impression which will eventually affect the organization’s business.

Image consulting training needs to be incorporated right from the start in all airline management courses. Even start-ups today are focusing on this topic as they need to build a brand name for themselves in the market.

All senior-level employees and celebrities go through this process once they are at a certain level in the hierarchy, however, if this is embedded at the base level of the organization then there is an overall development of the organization. 

When we talk about Image Consulting, we believe in bringing more class and style to your personality by doing minor changes.

We love colours, but do you think all colours can be worn in a formal environment? When you need to focus on attire you need to focus on suitable colour, style of clothing – formal trousers or skirt, and which type of formal shirt to wear. Even your nail colour, perfume fragrance, and accessories matter. We will guide and train you or your staff in the same.

If you are looking for a head-to-toe transformation of yourself or your employees then this is the diploma in aviation module you need to focus on.

Even if you dress perfectly it will not make a difference if your face looks dull. In Image Consulting we also include basic make-up and hairstyles. An employer will like employees who have bright and fresh faces.  We include basic make-up which will help you look fresh and charming. The team of experts at our air hostess training institute helps you understand the importance of looking good. Messy hair is a major issue however hair needs to be tied and should look immaculate in the corporate world.

These are a few details which we focus on in this module at our air hostess training institute in Mumbai.

So if you are ready to change your style and create a new image for your organization and yourself then this is a module you need to focus on.