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The importance of soft skill development of Ground Staff

ground staff

Ground Staff are considered as the brand ambassadors of the airline they are associated with, hence training the ground staff is very important as they will be handling the customers every day.

Ground Staff is responsible to taking care of the passengers at the airport from the time the passenger enters the airport until he /she boards the airplane. Some of the duties of ground staff are guiding the passengers, doing the check-in procedures, ensure on time departures, passenger boarding, managing arrivals etc. With so many duties and responsibilities which requires interacting with customers it is a must that ground staff is well trained.

When recruiting for a ground staff role, airlines look for the following qualities – time management, approachable, extrovert, confident, customer focused etc. to ensure these qualities are met, hiring trained staff is an added advantage as they make less mistakes, learn fast and perform better.

When an organization trains their employees, they ensure the employee gets trained as per company standard and in line with companies’ vision and mission. Due to these trainings an organisation ensures their customer excellence will be met which in turn will help the airline achieve high standards and become ace in competition.

We are Skillsetter Institute ensure students who aspire to become a ground staff are trained in highest standards.
Our training team ensures strong development of theoretical knowledge accompanied with practical training which helps our students develop a successful career as a ground staff. We also include role plays and intense interview preparations which builds confidence in our students to face any challenges that come their way in the professional world. At Skillsetter institute we believe in intense skill development. Our focus is on improving a student, which in turn helps the student in long run. Some of the things we ensure we embed in our students are as following:-

Grooming – Ground staff is the first point of contact for the passenger at the airport. Hence airlines require staff who create a good first impression of the airline. A well-groomed, presentable and someone with a good personality is something which every airline looks for in their employees.

Time Management – For ground staff time managements is extremely essential as they are the first step in ensuring passengers are finishing the initial procedure on time, provided check-in and boarding pass timely so their flight doesn’t get delayed.

Emotional Quotient- Emotional Quotient is extremely necessary for someone who is in a customer facing role so that they understand the customers better and is able to put oneself in the customers shoe. Ground staff meet customers across ages from infants to senior citizens. They also meet customers from different nationalities hence their emotional quotient needs to be strong.

Patience – Patience is essential when someone is working in an environment which involves handling customers. Working in aviation also requires one to be a good team player. Patience is a quality which will help an employee build a successful career.

These are few soft skills areas which need to be developed for an aspirant who wishes to work as ground staff.

The awareness of soft skills development has picked up pace now, few years back the situation and criteria were different. However, with competition picking up and so many airlines now in the market, it is a must to ensure ground staff in trained in soft skills and the organization should also ensure continuous training. Airlines should also ensure they update and make the employee understand the importance of soft skills cos that’s when an employee will take it seriously.

Since at Skillsetter we focus on soft skills, confidence and personality development most of our student’s today are successfully placed with leading airlines as ground staff and are very successful in their career.

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