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Time Management

Are you good at time management? This is one question asked by interviewers during the interview process. That is because every organization today is focusing on time management.

Let it be any industry we need to focus on time management. Airlines, Hotels, IT companies, Consulting, Education etc. all focus on time management.

Time is Money is a quote most organizations believe in. They also believe that if we lose time we lose opportunities to earn money. Time is to be valued and used appropriately. In the olden days, time limit or time management was not a priority. Employees were given a certain task and had ample time to complete them however this is not the same today. The competition also plays a very important role in this.  Today a customer has many options to choose from hence if a certain organization/ service provider doesn’t give the deliverable on time the customer will go to the competitor immediately. Hence in today’s world on-time performance is extremely important. 

The word time management can be divided into two. ‘Time’ means a certain period and ‘management’ means handling a tasking efficiently.

This skill and quality need to be developed at an early age. Time management from the beginning ensures productivity in one’s work and is a major benefit in airport management.

There are various techniques organizations follow to ensure good time management. Always remember that team management is required in every organization. One person can never run the show. All teams are interrelated and work towards the same goal. Hence, if one team member or team is not good at team management then other teams also suffer due to which the final product is delivered late to the customer.

Nowadays one of the favourite questions of the customer is: By when will I have my product in hand?  As an organization answering this question carefully is essential as this can be a deal maker or deal breaker.

Time management is an ongoing process. Every organization needs to take baby steps toward time management. Like all habits take 21 days, time management is also a process which needs to be approached step by step. If organizations start taking efforts towards time management today, then they can be an on-time performing organization in the future.

Organizations nowadays follow a stringent process to ensure employees follow time management. Like when employees don’t reach the office on time, their payment for that particular day is cancelled or if an employee fails to deliver their work on time, then their appraisals and promotions are affected. In today’s work world, it’s all about being the best. If the employee improves then the organization improves. If the employee succeeds then the organization succeeds. If the employee develops, grows and performs well, so does the organization. Hence nowadays organizations are focusing on time management training at certain intervals for their employees which also acts as a self-confidence builder.

This time management training and courses is provided to employees at all levels. If organizations only focus on time management at the top level, then it is pointless as the success and development of the organization are all about teamwork. Only if every department and every employee strive to perform on time then only deliverables can be achieved.

What does this course include?

This training that Skillsetter provides will be an interactive session which will help the employees understand the importance of time management and how to develop this skill during their airline management courses. We focus on activities which are based on situations which are generally faced by an employee and organization. We will teach different types of techniques, methods and frameworks to enhance your team’s time management skills.

What is the time duration of this course?

This is a tailored course so post analyzing the organization's needs,our team will structure a course for you. This training module like our air hostess course duration will also depend on the organization’s strengths. It is always advisable to segregate time management training for senior and junior level employees.

What will your team gain post this training?

Post this module your team will be able to perform better, set realistic goals, prioritize and complete more work in less time. We also like to take feedback post these sessions to understand its effectiveness to enhance our airline courses. However, remember this is an ongoing process and we encourage organizations to have this session at regular intervals to see a change and improvement in the organization’s performance.