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Top 3 things to check before enrolling in an aviation career training academy.

Aviation training institute

Making career decisions can be very challenging. Since childhood we are asked this question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’

Picking or deciding a particular career can be made easy by aptitude tests and one’s liking/interests.

If one decides to join the aviation industry to become a ground staff, cabin crew, air hostess, flight purser the next question that rises is how to achieve and fulfil that dream. To have a successful career in aviation it is necessary to get right mentorship and guidance which will help to build strong foundation for your career.

A lot of people will advise which aviation course or institute to join however it’s always best to visit multiple institutes before taking admission in any institute. What are the top 3 things you should check before enrolling in an airhostess institute or cabin crew academy? First of all, it is a must to focus on the course that is being provided and the teaching techniques. The course content should be in sync with what career path the candidate has decided to pick as this is the foundation of his future. It is extremely important for the aspiring candidate to understand the teaching techniques as that will help the candidate to reach his goal and perform better.

We at Skilletter Institute provide free demo lectures along with counselling session where the interested candidate gets an idea what to expect once the candidate joins. Also, they have the liberty to take in person reviews and feedbacks from our students about the teaching style and the institute. This helps the candidate and his parents to decide and understand the genuinity of the institute.

Fees and students’ reviews are extremely critical. A lot of institutes charge very high amount and make the course very expensive which is not actually necessary. They make fake promises in air and then charge something which is unrealistic hence it is very important to understand the cost of the course and what the course is providing. At Skillsetter this course has been made budget friendly and affordable to the masses as well due to which everyone now can fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals.

Reviews play an important as it helps us understand the quality of the institute and how the institute has been performing in the past. Most institutes avoid interaction of the students and trainers with the aspiring candidate or just show last few achievements and avoid interaction with alumina. At this institute we believe students and ex students provide actual/ true feedback to the aspiring candidates and their parents which helps them to take the right decision. Students make the aspiring candidate understand the quality of training and improvement they have seen in them.

Last but not the least is what is the placement ratio of the institute. For anyone who takes admission the end result of the course is placement. Placement should be in sync with what the institute promised at the beginning or in the counselling session. Placements are very important for an institute to perform well and sustain longer in the industry a lot of institutes mention that they will provide one job interview only however at this institute we believe in mentorship and do understand that sometimes it can take multiple interviews for a student to shine or crack the interview hence we do provide multiple interview opportunities.  When a student comes for a counselling session, they are also shown the placement file where they can review placed students’ testimonials and their offer letters. The level of transparency provided here makes it easy for anyone to take a decision.

The above mentioned points will help you understand how to select the right institute and what aspects to look at when you are deciding on a particular institute to take admission. As the tag line of Skillsetter institute is ‘Meeting Career Milestones’ hence we believe in giving a jump start and making our candidates industry ready to be a part of aviation industry with a great smile.

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