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What a training institute for air hostess should have?

Air hostess institute in Mumbai

A place where a student learns and grows is very essential so that the future is shaped properly. However, what should a air hostess training institute comprise of? Is it standards, quality, ambience, profile of the institute, training team, placement achieved etc.?

Well if this question needs to be answered in one word then the answer is EVERYTHING. An institute should comprise of all the above-mentioned points to make it a good learning space for the students.

Let us focus on these points one by one.

Standards: – An institute should be focused on maintaining high standards of training which are very closely associated to the airlines. Standards and Standards operating procedures need to be maintained to have a smooth learning experience for the students. If standards are maintained similar to the airlines it becomes easy for the students to adjust into their new role/jobs once they start.

Quality – Most institutes prefer filling up their batches to the core which means having a lot of students in each batch. This means they are achieving their admission target however the question is are they generating quality. What is the use of quantity if the quality is compromised? A good airline course or air hostess training institute will have a strong training team who will ensure good quality of training and in return will generate an output.

Ambience: – The ambience of a training institute should be such that it gives a positive feel. The institute should be well lit and bright. Interesting training material should be displayed and good motivation thoughts need to be displayed to create a positive environment.   It is not necessary to have interior of aircrafts made up as some institutes do so to lure the students into taking admission. A good positive environment will ensure students end up liking the place.

Training Team– A strong training team will take the institute forward and make ensure it grows in the market. Teams should be versatile and with the correct background. Trainers with experience or who have previously worked as ground staff management, cabin crew training institute or ex airline trainers make a good impact on the students. Trainer should use innovative and practical training methods to train the students. Trainers should always set good grooming standards. They should dress appropriately maintain decorum with students.

A student always looks for mentorship – a guide and coach for his career.

Placement Ratio – A training institute do provide placement however it is a must for a student to check the placement ratio of the institute. There are lot of Arline Institutes who provide airline courses, air hostess courses in the market today however not all give good placements. An institute which has a good placement rate denotes that the training they provide is strong and they generate quality.

Fees/ Charges – Since the competition is strong institutes charge random amounts and make parents and students believe that more expensive the course the better institute it is. This is not the reality a lot of institutes have hidden placement chargers which parents and students are informed during drives or just before placement. Fees need not be n lacs at the end of the day it is quality of training that matters.

Correct information – Parents must ensure the information which is being shared is genuine. A lot of institutes make fake commitments and build castles in air. They fake eligibility just to increase admission. Parents should ensure they do a through check before enrolling a child in training. Fake scholarship commitments are made and the students is pressurised to take admission.

Distance– if you are getting a good quality training from an institute which a far consider it. As distance and travelling teaches a lot. Students become more independent and responsible. It is a matter of few months the student will have to travel. It is always good to remember students are building their career and distance should not matter.

Duration of the course – if the course is too lengthy students lose their interest or get bored and stop it mid-way. An aviation course should be approximately 6 months as it is sufficient for anyone to learn and development themselves to make them industry suitable.

These are few of the things a good training institute should have so that they can give students the right kind of environment to study and develop.

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