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What is an airline and what is airline management?

Airline Management

An airline is basically a transport operator who ensures safe and timely air travel for passengers from their origin to destination. 1903 marked the birth of aviation industry when the Wright brothers built the first sustained and powered flight. In India aviation started in 1911 and Tata Air was the first airline in India which was started by JRD Tata in 1932.

An Airline is an organisation which focuses on Air transportation. Air travel has reduced passengers travel time and ensures more comfort to the passengers. An airline has to adhere to many government rules and regulations.  It has several departments like ground handling, operations, human resources, sales and marketing, flight operations etc. behind a successful flight all these departments play equally important role. There are many airlines soaring the Indian skies like the Maharaja of the skies – Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet, Vistara etc. These airlines are known for excellent customer service and their on-time performance.

To be successful in the aviation industry it is very important to develop oneself as per the industry standards. A lot of people under take airline management courses to be successful in this industry. Airline Management means ensuring 100% smooth administration of a particular airline. Running an airline is not a one man show. When multiples departments work together smoothly that is airline management. Most airlines ensue there is an airline manager who keeps an over-all check and ensures the airline works efficiently.

Aviation is a dynamic industry which sees a lot of fluctuation due to weather, air traffic movement,

Defence drills, VIP movement etc. A slight delay in departure or arrival can lead to a chain reaction of further more delays affects several flight schedules. Hence airline management is essential. Every airline ensures on time or before time performance and hence there is tremendous pressure on airline staff to ensure there are high level of time management is maintained. Airline management can be noticed by a passenger from the time the passenger books his or her ticket. The back office of the airline keeps giving reminders to the passenger to avail their online facilities like online check-in and generating an E-Boarding pass etc.

Once the passenger arrives at the airport passengers are assisted by ground staff to the check in counters. Airline staff also ensure the check-in process has enough time and hence all passengers are requested to arrive at airport 2-3 hours prior to departure. Airlines have multiple check-in counter to ensure passengers don’t have to wait for a long time. Self-check-in kiosk and baggage drop off counters are now being implemented at the airport to ensure a speedy check-in process. Post that passengers are guided to the immigration, security checks and the waiting areas. Ground staff is mainly responsible to ensure a smooth transition of the passengers from the ground to the aircraft. Boarding is an essential part and can be stressful for the ground staff as often delays which are noticed are due to passenger boarding or cargo loading. The cargo department needs to ensure weight and time management together which can be challenging.

Flight operations is an active department which look after the pilot and cabin crew requirements for a particular flight. Flight operations ensure last minute issues are everted and in case any flight crew don’t report on time or report sick last minute they replace immediately with an alternate crew. In aviation industry it is essential that all departments work in sync and efficiently to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Since there is a lot of competition in the market, airlines strive to ensure passengers have a seamless travel experience by setting a lot of standards and procedures, which helps smooth airline management. Airline Management can be very challenging and enriching learning experience as every day new challenges are faced. To be successful in airline management some of the qualities a staff should possess are time management, focus, confidence, multi-tasking etc. At Skillsetter institute we have various training modules which focus on aviation management to make our students ready to face the industry with confidence and elegance.

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